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New Gen Giving - 2020 Roundup

New Gen Giving - 2020 Roundup

Like everyone right now – we are trying to focus on the positives. The 2019/20 season may have been cut short but this didn’t stop our Giving Programme and we are proud to have supported both local…

Verbier's Eco-Tribe Event: Sustainability in Snow Sports

During February half term this year, we offered sustainability sessions to our kids groups in Verbier, Switzerland. The aim of these one-off sessions was to raise awareness of how we can be more…

Meet the Team: Hanni Steppan in St Anton

This is the first in our series of highlighting some of our team members. We want to share their stories, so you can get to know who you’ll be skiing with, and the type of people that make up the New…

Our Annual Snow Day

For the past few years we’ve been working with Lake Aid, a charity working with refugees based in and around Annecy, to provide a day of fun in Courchevel for a group of 35 refugee children. Our…

10 Tips to Make the Most of Working from Home

For a number of years, we've offered flexible working options for the majority of our team. We're scattered across four different countries, so working collaboratively across technology is key to the…

3 Ways We've Given Back This Year

Since 2015 we’ve been giving back to causes all over the world that are important to us. This winter was no different, and we had the opportunity to dive into new projects. Here’s what we got up to.

4 Ways We're Giving Back to Our Communities

Why You Need to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Anyone who's ever put on skis has probably stepped outside of their comfort zone. Strapping two slippery planks on your feet as you head downhill without breaks doesn't come naturally to everyone.

5 Reasons Autumn is Great for Fresh Starts

January, move aside. Autumn is our favourite time of year for fresh starts.

How to Get Over Nervousness

We see a lot of nervous skiers on the hill. Whether it's someone who's recovering from an injury or from a bad learning experience in the past, it's genuinely understandable why people may be feeling…
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