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5 Reasons Autumn is Great for Fresh Starts

January, move aside. Autumn is our favourite time of year for fresh starts.

With the kids now back in school, and the days getting shorter, you can tell something in the air has shifted. Autumn is on its way.

And whilst maybe you've already pulled out your jumpers and started to spend a little more time indoors, it's also a time to let go and start over. Autumn is full of promise and possibilities for what the coming school year will bring - but it's also a time for us adults to start afresh before the year winds to a close. We've got our 5 favourite reasons why autumn is great for fresh starts.

5 Reasons Autumn is Great for Fresh Starts

1. The kids are back at school

Let's start with the obvious. Even if you don’t have little ones, September brings up memories of new rucksacks and fresh school uniforms. And for the parents, hopefully, a little more time to yourself. 

Feed off the energy of the kids who are excited about what this next year in school will bring.

Fresh Starts Back to School

2. Check in on those New Year’s resolutions

Does anyone actually fully follow through on their New Year's resolution? Please come forward if so! Although we're all well intended on Jan 1st to be healthier, learn new things and spend more time appreciating life than complaining about it, life happens. Autumn is the perfect time of year to check in on where you are with those goals you were dead set on eight months ago.

Hopefully, you've achieved some of them. Take stock of what you have accomplished and then look ahead to what you really want to do before the end of the year.

We do a lot of reflection in April once the ski season ends, and make lots of big plans for the coming winter. It's now the time when we put everything in motion and make sure we can are ready for December.

3. Indulge in some autumnal meals

Push the salad and rosé aside, and make room for stews, soups and some cinnamon desserts. The shops will soon be filling up with squash and pumpkin, and it's the perfect time of year to switch up your meals. Bring out the big soup pot, and enjoy some warm, comfort foods this time of year.

We're already thinking about vin chaud. Too early?

4. Pull out your jumpers and prepare to sweat less

This summer was HOT. And whilst we truly enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather, we can't say we aren't a little relieved to not have to worry about sweating through our t-shirts anymore. Goodbye sandals, hello fuzzy socks and snuggly jumpers. Before you know it, we'll be thinking about what winter kit we want to get next as well.

5. Get on top of those indoor tasks

Once it cools off, and days get a little less sunny, you don't have to feel guilty about spending time inside. Whether it's sprucing up the house, pulling out a good book, or just watching some telly - there are plenty of indoor activities to fill your time. Plus without the distraction of that 25-degree sunshine, you can get at those tasks (cough autumn cleaning) that you've been putting off.

For us, it's a time of sorting out everything before winter arrives. Getting our gear prepped, and getting our life in order (is that ever possible).

Whether you have kids in school or just memories of heading off to school, we hope you get inspired by autumn to make a fresh start. Get on top of your goals, spend a little bit more time indoors, and take the opportunity to begin again.