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5 Reasons You Should Get Outside More

We consider ourselves pretty lucky to spend most of our ‘office time’ outdoors. There’s something about being outside - and in the mountains especially - that often it feels intangible as to why we love it. But in fact, there’s science and real health benefits as to why being outdoors is good for you. And if skiing happens to be the way you get outside, well then we're definitely on the same wavelength. :-)

5 Reasons You Should Get Outside More

Get Outside More

1. Breathe some fresh air

Exposing your lungs to fresh air can relieve stress and anxiety.

We know how beneficial the high altitude mountain air is, but ANY fresh air is good for you. You'll get a boost of endorphins and dopamine, and who doesn't want to feel a little bit happier?

2. Disconnecting is good

If you head outside, you’ll likely use your phone less. OK, snap a few quick shots for Instagram, but then put your phone away and enjoy the moment.

Disconnecting from technology helps you recharge, improves your in-person communication, and helps you focus on one thing at a time. Getting outdoors is the perfect time to disconnect, and appreciate more of what's around you in the moment.

3. We don’t spend enough time out there

Have you heard of NDD, aka Nature Deficit Disorder? The term was coined in 2005 and likely, all of us have it. Essentially, spending less time in nature may be having negative effects on our moods and attention spans.

Today, children are spending half as much time outdoors as their parents did. And we think the same goes for adults. Home, office, schools, shops, restaurants, the gym - all of these things are mainly indoors.

So make a concerted effort to spend more time outside. Walk barefoot in the grass, lay down on the ground and look at the clouds, and bask in the sun. And when it's even harder to get outdoors during the winter, well, just go for a ski. :-)

4. It will get you moving

If you’re outside, you’re likely to be moving more. The outdoors are closely tied to activities and fitness (skiing is one of them, did we mention that?).  And we don’t need to harp on about the benefits of exercise. We know you know.

5. Appreciate nature

There is something remarkable about nature - all the things that humans can't build or create. Get out there appreciate it.

We're in awe of the Alps every single day. They have a life of their own and we're reminded how tiny we are in comparison. Everything in nature is growing, evolving without any help from us humans. And that’s pretty damn cool!

We love getting outdoors. Seriously, many of our team members head off in the summer for even more outdoor activities - sometimes it's just to chase more snow in the southern hemisphere. Are you gunna get outside soon? We hope so.