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Why You Need to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Anyone who's ever put on skis has probably stepped outside of their comfort zone. Strapping two slippery planks on your feet as you head downhill without breaks doesn't come naturally to everyone.

We can also take a good guess that the first few people who tied their leather boots onto wooden skis and tried downhill skiing were well aware that it could turn out horribly. But had they not, we wouldn't be here today, enjoying snow sports every winter.

We're not asking you to invent the next mountain sport, but good things do happen when you take a bit of a risk. So do something out of the ordinary today, and get out of your comfort zone. Here's why you need to.

Why You Need to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

get out of your comfort zone

Life is meant to be adventurous.

While our mind is busy trying to keep us safe, in places and patterns its familiar with, it can also stifle us and make life boring. Life is not meant to be boring. And if you want more excitement in your life, do something out of the norm. Turn obstacles into opportunities. Turn risks into adventures. Everything becomes more interesting when you change things up.

We know well enough that the best ski adventures are not on the safety of the nursery slope. But rather, when we went for something we were a wee scared about, that was a little bit beyond what we thought we were capable of skiing.

You'll discover more about yourself.

Did you ever feel as though you'd NEVER be able to tackle a black run, yet by the end of the week, you were skiing confidently down from the highest peak in resort? When you're willing to push yourself a little further, you discover that you're capable of more than you ever thought. Things you didn’t think you were capable of, you might be great at!

If you're doing something you're a little scared or nervous about, you'll likely learn a lot about our passions, strengths, weaknesses, and talents.

Continuously grow and develop.

Much of our growth and development as a human happens when we're doing something out of the norm. When we're sticking to the same ol', it's likely because we're good at it, which won't push us to grow and improve. Try that something you're a little scared of, and quickly see how you start to build new skills and abilities.

Our skiing didn't develop by staying on our favourite blue run day in and day out...

Get out of your comfort zone

You'll build self-confidence.

Whatever you're trying to do, you probably won't be perfect at it. But as children know better than adults, you learn from your mistakes. Once you can push past your boundaries, you'll get a boost of confidence. Proving yourself wrong instills a confidence in yourself that will pour out into other areas of your life.

The other option? Keep feeling insecure and keep feeding that inaction. Insecurity and inaction are a continuous loop - so break that cycle.

Taking risks helps you deal with future challenges.

There are pros and cons to every situation. And if you've decided to take a risk, you've likely weighed them out in your head and thought, 'I'm going to go for it anyway'. Putting yourself in stressful situations in a controlled environment (think on the nursery slope with a qualified instructor to help guide you down the hill safely) will strengthen that muscle for when unexpected stresses come without preparation.

Humans thrive on change that we're in control of, versus when we're not. And braving change when you have some control over it, will help you deal better with challenges - often unexpected change - arise. You'll have built up the muscle. Knowing you've overcome challenges before, will reassure you that you can take on future challenges.

learning how to ski

You'll influence others to do the same.

Everyone loves spending time with someone they admire or look up to. If you're sharing your story about how you tried something new, two things will happen. Firstly, you'll start attracting people who push themselves and take risks. And secondly, you'll probably give some people in your life the nudge they need. Whether you mean to or not, you'll likely make a positive impact on those around you.

So what are you waiting for? Give yourself that little shove you need, and get out of your comfort zone. Maybe it's in your skiing, maybe it's a totally different aspect of your life.