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New Gen Giving: Yearly Round-up

As you may know, we’ve been working with B1G1 for the past few years linking us to hundreds of grassroots charities across the world, ensuring that as we grow and develop as a ski school, we also help to create a positive change to the world in which we work. We choose a trigger and B1G1 helps us to give an “impact”. These impacts range from providing reading material for children in Cambodia to providing grain seeds for children in Africa and this year has seen us top 300,000 impacts across the world.

New Gen's Charity Giving

Here’s a wee summary of what we’ve been able to do this year:

1-for-1 Educational Promise

This past year, to celebrate New Gen’s 20th birthday, we made a promise. For every hour taught in our ski school, we donated a day’s education to a disadvantaged child in Chennai, India. Thanks to everyone who skied, boarded, telemarked, toured, learnt to overcome their fears, carve a cleaner turn or tackle the copious amounts of snow we enjoyed this season, we managed to provide a whopping 52,027 days of education.

Through our instructor courses, we also managed to provide an amazing 476 days providing life-skills such as cooking, growing vegetables and money matters to orphaned children in Ukraine. This will hopefully help to prepare them for life outside of institutional care.

Due to the success of the 1-for-1 promise we’ve decided to keep it. Here’s hoping for many more hours on the hill next season and the many more days of schooling and support to children in India and Ukraine.

20 Years Prize Draw

As a celebration of our 20 years, we also asked you to get involved in our giving and vote for the causes you wanted us to donate to.

Thanks to your votes we managed to provide the following:

  • 168 days of medical support to HIV and Aids affected people in South Africa
  • 7920 days of access to life-saving clean water to families in Ethiopia
  • 241 days of learning support to children with disabilities in Nepal

A big thank you on behalf of The Community Chest of South Africa, The WellWishers Trust and World Youth International to everyone who voted.

Snow Day

Following the success of last season’s “Snow Day”, we ran our second in March with the help of Lake Aid. This enabled children from families living in disadvantaged situations in Annecy to try a morning of cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing and sledging followed by rock-climbing, abseiling and arts and crafts. It was a great day enjoyed by the kids (and adults!) so thanks to Croix Rouge, Secours Populaire, La Recyclerie d’Alex and all of the volunteers from Lake Aid and New Gen, in particular, Millie Charrington, who made all of this possible. We hope to have another action-packed day of snowy fun again next year!

new gen giving

Giving a Little Time

As well as the impacts given and the various international causes supported, we also helped where we could a little closer to home. Thanks to all of the volunteers from the office staff, to the sales teams and the instructors who gave up their free time to causes close to their hearts. A special shout out to the following:

  • Team Meribel who had a stand at the Méribel Village Fete raising money for Ski2Freedom Foundation, which helps to create equality in skiing. This foundation helps to give access to the mountains for those whose lives are affected by a disability, special need, life-challenging or life-changing condition, regardless of age, nationality, cultural or social background.
  • The Tignes Team who toured up to the local refuge used for our night-touring programme, shovels in hand, to help them clear the huge amounts of snow so the refuge could open for business.
  • The poop scoop team! A particular chapeau to those who gave up their time, poop-scoop in hand, to clear the area around the Bozel lake. A rather unpleasant task nonetheless appreciated by our office’s local community.

charity giving

New Gen Giving in Numbers for 2017/18

new gen giving

We look forward to another year of giving, with some exciting developments ahead. If anyone would like any further information on Giving, have a cause you would like us to support or would like to see if/how you could get involved then don’t hesitate to contact our Giving Coordinator Amy at